ATTENTION: Due to X-mas & New Year Holidays most of our Canadian offices will be closed from 1 pm Dec 24 to Dec 26 inclusive & from 4 pm Dec 28 to Jan 1, 2019 inclusive. Our CALGARY office will be closed from noon Dec. 24 to Dec 30 inclusive, and on Jan. 01.

IMPORTANT CHINA VISA ANNOUNCEMENT: From January 02, 2019 China consulates in Canada will require each applicant to come pesronally for fingerprinting. Visa Center advises to get China visa before the end of 2018 to avoid visa process complexities of new procedure! Apply at any Visa Center office or by mail before Dec. 31!

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Tourist or business multiple entry E-visa (for passport holders of Canada, USA, Japan and Australia) valid for 730 days with max 90 days stay  
Tourist Multiple Entry visa valid for 1825 days with max 90 days stay  
Business Multiple Entry visa valid for 1825 days with max 90 days stay  
Work Multiple Entry visa valid for 90 days with max 90 days stay  
US passport holders Tourist/Business Multiple Entry for - valid for up 5 years  

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